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Glori International is closely associated with the world of investment, as the group owns multiple investment projects across various sectors. Its businesses are known for their vitality and contribute to providing numerous services to both tourists and residents. Glori International is open to the entire world. Its main office is located in Istanbul, in the famous Başakşehir district, Mall of Istanbul.

The Glori International Group owns eight business projects in various sectors designed to meet market needs and requirements. Six of these projects are located in Turkey, and two are in Doha, Qatar. The selection of these projects was based on in-depth studies and consultations with local experts and stakeholders to ensure their quality.

Business Projects

The group has a team of employees and consultants who possess academic and practical expertise. As of 2023, their number has reached approximately 114 employees.

Our unwavering commitment to the highest levels of trust has helped us build a reputation that we are proud of in the investment world

Majd Azat Chourbaji

Founder's Biography

born in 1981 in Syria, holds exceptional Turkish citizenship granted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with a remarkable history of achievements and dedication. Majd has an immeasurable ambition to support women's issues, refugees, and promote human rights worldwide. She holds a Bachelor's degree in French Literature from the University of Damascus, where she established a foundation for her deep understanding of diverse cultures. She later obtained a Master's degree in International Relations from the Open University of Sweden, further enhancing her international vision and profound understanding of global issues.

Majd is recognized as an exceptional individual who has received international acclaim and recognition for her efforts and dedication to supporting women's and refugees' rights and striving for positive change. She was awarded the International Women of Courage Award by the U.S. government, presented to her on the occasion of International Women's Day. Additionally, she won the global "Right The Wrong" award bestowed by the international organization Oxfam, in appreciation of her dedication to supporting the rights of refugee women affected by the war in Syria and amplifying their voices to the international community.

In 2017, Majd embarked on an inspirational entrepreneurial journey by launching the Glori International Group for Investment. Under the auspices of this group, she established innovative and profitable entrepreneurial and service projects within Turkey and both locally and internationally. She has successfully become a thriving business leader, collaborating with investors from various nationalities to achieve tangible successes.


Turkey- istanbul-başakşehir-mall of istanbul 34488 ‏إسطنبول‏، ‏تركيا‏



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