Shorzato, the parent company based in Qatar, has opened its first branch in Germany under the umbrella of the Glori International Group. The branch specializes in confectionery and hospitality in Doha, Qatar, coinciding with the approaching 2022 FIFA World Cup. The company's founders decided to share their passion with their customers by selecting the finest types of sweets, including chocolates, authentic Arabic and Eastern sweets, and luxurious cakes. Additionally, they provide exquisite hospitality from the best Turkish factories to cater to all tastes.


Bringing love and happiness with every bite.

The vision of Mania can be summarized as taking the world of hospitality to a new level of artistry and refinement in form and flavor, giving it a more modern direction. The Mania team is guided by flavors and the idea of creating an innovative, sophisticated paradise, drawing upon past experiences and expertise. Mania products are distinguished by their high quality, using the finest premium ingredients such as Antep pistachios, authentic Arabian ghee, and the finest varieties of pine nuts and cashews.

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منطقة السد ، الدوحة ، قطر.
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Turkey- istanbul-başakşehir-mall of istanbul 34488 ‏إسطنبول‏، ‏تركيا‏



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