Levant International School

Levent International School welcomes students from various international backgrounds for its fourth consecutive year. Levent School is considered one of the leading international schools in Istanbul and is accredited by the Turkish and Lebanese Ministries of Education. Its vision is to prepare a generation that is knowledgeable, inquisitive, well-balanced, proactive, and adaptable to modernity and development. The school follows a curriculum that combines the American MacroHill curriculum with the Lebanese curriculum. The MacroHill curriculum is designed to be seamless for international students, and it can be integrated with the Lebanese curriculum, taking into consideration the ability to develop students' scientific and language skills.

Sultan International Sweet

Sultan Sweets is one of the most renowned luxury confectionery companies in the Middle East. The journey of Sultan International began in Syria in 1997, and it has since achieved 28 years of continuous success, reaching advanced global levels in the production of Eastern and other types of sweets. Sultan products have also spread to most countries around the world. In the Sultan's kitchen, the most delightful Eastern sweets are prepared, including popular ones such as Nabulsi, Modluga, Baklava, Asmaliya, Hareeseh, and Namoura, among others. Sultan International has 21 branches in the Middle East region.

Cardinal Real Estate

Cardinal Real Estate is a legally licensed Turkish-Arab real estate company operating in Turkey. It specializes in buying, selling, and brokering investment properties, offering a wide range of specialized real estate services. Cardinal Real Estate is part of the Glori International Group and focuses on foreign real estate investors and those interested in property ownership in Turkey. Cardinal boasts a fully integrated team of government-accredited real estate and legal experts.

Cardinal tourism

Cardinal believes in the important role of businesspeople and Arab communities in tourism in Turkey. We work to facilitate their daily, weekly, and medical tours in Istanbul and beyond, with trust and quick responsiveness in providing unique and experienced services.


is the authorized agent for PG Para in its working area in Zeytinburnu. Money transfers are processed through PG Para's offices located worldwide. PG Para is a secure and fast money transfer system that enables you to send and receive money within minutes across more than 200 countries worldwide. It collaborates with various global companies, including Ria and a group of Gulf and European companies, to facilitate your money transfers.


Shorzato, the parent company based in Qatar, has opened its first branch in Germany under the umbrella of the Glori International Group. The branch specializes in confectionery and hospitality in Doha, Qatar, coinciding with the approaching 2022 FIFA World Cup. The company's founders decided to share their passion with their customers by selecting the finest types of sweets, including chocolates, authentic Arabic and Eastern sweets, and luxurious cakes. Additionally, they provide exquisite hospitality from the best Turkish factories to cater to all tastes.

Azra Lebanon

Azra Lebanon was established in 2015 in Doha, Qatar, in the New Al-Mirqab area. It offers its guests a wide variety of snacks, sandwiches, sauces, chicken and meat shawarma, as well as cold and hot beverages, including soft drinks. It caters to all segments of society and boasts a distinctive decor with beautiful colors. Azra Lebanon restaurant has a dedicated and well-trained team that carefully prepares delicious meals that satisfy and delight customers.

Neon perfume

At Neon, we're more than just a fragrance company. We're dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers, working hand-in-hand to deliver the ultimate sensory experience. Our unparalleled attention to quality and innovation makes all the difference.