Sultan Sweets is one of the most renowned luxury confectionery companies in the Middle East. The journey of Sultan International began in Syria in 1997, and it has since achieved 28 years of continuous success, reaching advanced global levels in the production of Eastern and other types of sweets. Sultan products have also spread to most countries around the world. In the Sultan's kitchen, the most delightful Eastern sweets are prepared, including popular ones such as Nabulsi, Modluga, Baklava, Asmaliya, Hareeseh, and Namoura, among others. Sultan International has 21 branches in the Middle East region.


Sultan Sweets

Sultan's branch in Beylikdüzü is one of the largest branches in Istanbul, with a total area exceeding 450 square meters. The branch consists of three floors. What sets this branch apart from others is the presence of a restaurant that serves a variety of Eastern and Western dishes, as well as breakfast options. The branch enjoys a magical view of the Sea of Marmara and is strategically located in the restaurant and commercial center market.

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حلويات السلطان العالمية / بيليكدوزو - Sultan Tatlısı Uluslararası / Beylikdüzü

Monday - Friday
9am - 12pm


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